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Rec/Mix Portfolio

Highlighted works:




YL male voice choir


Edge of Haze

Known on Youtube as one of the best cover bands around. With only 5 uploads, the channel has garnered over 1 million views and even raised the attention of some of the original members of the groups they cover, like Toto and Michael Jackson.
Onni Korhonen has produced the band in the widest sense of the word, significantly contributing to arrangements in addition to recording, mixing and mastering the releases.

YL Male Choir is Finland’s best-known male choir and a national institution. It is recognised as one of the best male choirs in the world, and as such frequently tours worldwide as an ambassador for Finnish culture in addition to giving concerts at home. Their upcoming series of singles with vocal groups were recorded, mixed and mastered by Onni Korhonen.

An up and coming Finnish metal-group. A ton of recording work was done by Onni Korhonen on their latest album "The Convoy of Ruin".


Other Clients

include, but are not limited to:

Marko Simi



Aili Julia


Duo Medieval

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